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3DX Philippines


During the Black-out event, RC Victory has publicly announced to organize the next upcoming heli competition which is tentatively schedule for June 2011. Romson himself has personally asked Jeff Baringer ( the founder of 3D Master and 3DX) permission to be allowed to organize an Official 3DX Format right here in the Philippines.

The 3DX Format is an internationally recognized rules and guidelines for 3D heli competition thus encouraging and elevating each 3D Heli pilot to aspire to international standards.  Winners of local 3DX Competitions will gain recognition and can be elevated to 3D Masters Competition which is only accepted via invitation to compete amongst the world’s best.

Local 3DX Competitions provides the stepping stone and gateway for aspiring Filipino 3D Fliers to gain international exposure, potential recognition and possible sponsorships from major manufacturers.  (This is the gateway to fame and maybe fortune haha   :) :)

For further info for 3DX, you can access the website

For local updates regarding the progress of the Philippines’ 3DX event please bookmark

This is an initial statement further updates will follow…soon….

Pilots who wish to join this competition start practicing now !! :D