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Japan Remote Control Ltd.

Get To Know "JR Japan Remote Control Limited"

Radio controlled gadgets have been around for a long time, but today, they’re used more creatively than they ever have been.

Although the technology has not changed that much, there has been recent emphasis on the design. Many of today’s radio controlled devices are intricately detailed miniature replicas of real vehicles, and they perform similarly to their full-size counterparts. Indeed, Nikola Tesla’s original idea in 1893 of a remote controlled boat is popular today, with many remote-controlled boats in manufacture and in controllers’ hands. Radio controlled helicopters, too, fly just as their full-size counterparts do.

In the early days of these technologies, the products themselves were overly large and ungainly, so that even if people were interested in them, they were impractical to use. That changed in the 1990s, when the devices used in the development of radio-controlled vehicles significantly shrank in size, so that they were much more available and practical. This led to the vehicles that are so familiar to us today. In fact, many of today’s radio controlled vehicles like boats and cars have become small so that they can be easily manufactured, and controllers can handle them much more easily, too.

Today, one well-known remote control company is the JAPAN REMOTE CONTROL CO., LTD.  The company was established in Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan on November, 1976.  As the Mie JR factory started to operate, it also started to entrust with World Electronics Co., Ltd.  It is a technology group with a belief that the use of technological power can run ahead of the era and push forward into a new era.

This company only specializes in the research/development, manufacture and distribution of high quality radio control (RC) transmitters, receivers and servos as well as world class championship model helicopters.

Effort was also being put on the frequency quality of the signal so that the controls are more responsible and the usability greatly enhanced. This is enjoyed by the enthusiasts that collect the newest radio controlled gadgets that are looking for devices that perform much better than its predecessors. Remote controlled gadgets have come a long way through history with more special uses than ever before.

Furthermore, JR PROPO expanded and opened their Malaysian counterpart where the factory started to operate in Johor, Bahru on July, 1996.

Over the years, JR has caught the attention of remote control lovers all over the world as they have grown to an enterprise that is rightfully proud of its advanced technology.  Steadily, JR gained a high level of trust throughout the radio control hobby industry not only in Japan but internationally as well.

Ever growing, the company headquarters was able to acquire an industrial site from Matsusaka cadre industrial estate on March, 2008, while JR Propo has acquired all of the Malaysian factory’s stock by May, 2008.

For more than 30 years, the company was able to establish itself as one of the most prominent and prestigious high-end transmitter radio and electronic servo manufacturing company in the world.  Radio control enthusiasts all over the world has a high regard for the JR brand and is considered as ONE OF THE TOP 3 BEST TRANSMITTERS IN THE WORLD.

At present, the company is headed by its President, Mr. Shoji Kuyama with its head office located in Eiwa, Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan. Currently a Member of professional institutions like the Japan Radio Control Safety Association Administration officer, the Japan Radio Control Model Industrial Association Administration Officer, and the SOHLA (Space Oriented Higashi-Osaka Leading) Administration officer.

To this day, only few transmitter companies are directly manufacturing in Japan.  Even though the tag of the item will be “Made in Japan”, the item itself is being manufactured in China, Taiwan, or any other countries that they are allowed to, with an under licensed agreement to their mother company.  With JR, they own two (2) manufacturing houses of its own located in Malaysia & Japan, assuring quality control on every item manufactured.