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Get To Know "JR DSX12"

After an extremely long wait, the new top of the range 12X has finally arrived. Bursting with features and a quality of construction that is unmatched, this is likely to be extremely popular choice for those seeking an advanced radio. With the tried and tested reassurance of utilizing Spektrums DSM2 2.4GHz technology, and the large range of receivers that can be used from both the Spektrum and JR range, this may be the very last set you ever need to purchase.

Although a number of fliers will choose to re-equip all of their models with 2.4GHz receivers right away, others may prefer to make their transition to 2.4GHz RC more gradual by flying with a mix of 72MHz and 2.4GHz-equipped models… that’s why JR offers the 12X transmitter in 2 variants - the dedicated, integrated 2.4GHz 12X 2.4 (DSX 12), plus the module-based, 72MHz/2.4GHz 12X MV (PCM 12X).

Better yet, the module-based 12X MV’s 2.4GHz performance and minimal-latency response speed are absolutely identical to those of the integrated 12X 2.4’s.

The heli portion of the new 12X includes everything a professional 3D or F3C pilot could want yet be easily programmed by a novice. JR’s philosophy on their software is to allow speedy setups while retaining all the functionality needed for the most demanding modelers. The 12X delivers a heli radio that achieves this and more. A closer look at the software and the heli features reveals JR’s attention to detail and ease of use.

The heli software is based on the popular and capable JR 9303 and previous top of the line radio, the 10X. All standard features are easy to navigate and modify such as reversing, travel adjust, dual rates and expo. Most users do not ever need to consult the manual since programming is so intuitive and straightforward- a big plus when at the field making quick changes. The best part of the 12X is the silky smooth ball bearing gimbals and solid magnesium case. The quality can be felt before even turning it on.


The module-based, 72MHz/2.4GHz 12X MV is known as PCM 12X in Asia.

Number of Channels:12
Modulation:Includes both a Spektrum DSM 2.4 GHz (2048 resolution) Module and a 72 MHz PCM or PPM Module
Band:2.4 GHz or 72 MHz
Servos:No Servos Included
Receiver:No Receiver Included
Model Memory:50
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:2000 mAh NiMH
Key Features:
DSM/DSM2 Compatible
Compatible with all Spektrum and JR DSM Brand Aircraft Receivers
Includes JR/DSM 2.4 GHz Transmitter Module and 72 MHz PCM/PPM Module
50 Model Memory
New advanced programming with more features for today’s complex models
One transmitter for all model types, includes programming for Air, Heli, and Sailplane
New gimbal assemblies improve performance and feel
Includes aluminum transmitter case
Compatible with JR PCM and PPM Receivers
DSX12 in Asia is DSM 12X Integrated in the US
On the other hand, the dedicated, integrated 2.4GHz 12X 2.4 is equivalent to JR DSX12 in Asia.

DSX12 in Asia is DSM 12X Integrated in the US

On the other hand, the dedicated, integrated 2.4GHz 12X 2.4 is equivalent to JR DSX12 in Asia.

Key Features:

DSM/DSM2 compatible
Compatible with all JR DSM brand aircraft receivers (including Spektrum)
R1221 receiver included
50-model memory
Advanced programming with more features for today’s complex models
One transmitter for all model types, includes programming for Air, Heli, and Sailplane
Improved gimbal assemblies for better performance and feel

Modulation: JR DSM RF link (2048 resolution)
Band:2.4GHz DSM
Servos: No servos included
Receiver: JR R1221 DSM2 receiver
Programming Features: Aircraft, Helicopter, Sailplane
Model Memory:50
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type:2000mAh Ni-MH

Based on the features and specifications of both models, the JR PCM 12X and the JR DSX12 are almost identical with one another. Both transmitters are DSM/DSM2 compatible, Compatible with all Spektrum and JR DSM brand aircraft receivers that includes JR/DSM 2.4GHz transmitter module or 36MHz PCM/PPM module and it has 50-model memory. It also includes new advanced programming with more features for today’s complex models, using one transmitter for all model types that includes programming for Air, Heli, and Sailplane. The new gimbal assemblies improve performance and feel.

The extreme low latency of the DSX12-a result of JR/Spektrum co-operation and ingenuity-delivers an astonishing sense of connection with your model. It’s a feature that prompted JR pilot Quique Somenzini to declare the prototype “unbelievable, amazing!” after only one flight during the 25th World Championship Radio Control FAI F3A held in Argentina November 8th -18th 2007 where after 10 rigorous days of flying among the world’s best aerobatic pilots, Quique closed the event with 1st place honors.

Using a prototype JR 12X 12-channel computer radio system with Spektrum’s integrated 2.4GHz DSM technology, Quique demonstrated to the world how valuable the new 2.4GHz frequency can be. This marks a historic event and a new era for radio control as 2.4GHz DSM continues to be embraced by the world’s best pilots. From the instant Quique flew a 12X in practice, he remarked “the 12X is amazing. It’s even faster than 9303 - I feel even more connected with the model. Point rolls, snap rolls are all incredibly precise.

The faster speed is a result of JR’s engineering - JR engineers developed a system with improved channel processing gain that resulted in improved performance that is built into every 12X shipped to customers world-wide.

JR DSX12 is exclusively patented by ModelMatchTM technology to prevent “wrong model syndrome” plus a 50-model memory.   If you’re operating on 2.4GHz and your transmitter doesn’t “recognize” your model as the selected model when your airborne system is turned on, there’ll be absolutely no control response. You’ll be alerted that something’s wrong and a costly crash may be averted.

*Remember–ModelMatch is not functioning when you’re transmitting on the 72MHz band with a 12X MV.

Also, the DSX12 includes PC Data Transfer System that permits you to upload an unlimited number of model setups from your transmitter to your computer, then access and download any 50 of them to your DSX12 transmitter’s model memory for use at the field.

From its exclusive, durable, precision-cast magnesium transmitter housing to its ultra-legible, high-resolution backlit display, everything about your DSX12 speaks of the kind of quality that’s a benchmark of JR equipment. The ultra-smooth, quad-bearing stick assemblies, proven rolling selector data input, accessible shoulder-mounted momentary contact switches-and details like the custom naming capability for flight modes-all contribute to the unmistakable feeling that you’re flying with the very best, most intelligently conceived pro-class equipment that’s ever been introduced.









Below is a forum excerpted from Runryder.  Read on how RC heli flyers discuss the difference between the DSX 12 and PCM12X:

Help: DSX12 or PCM12X

Alberta, Canada / 03-23-2009 06:49 AM

Hi folks, please help me to decide, I need your opinions which way to go. DSX12 integrated or PCM12X modularized.

Please list down advantages between the two.  Many thanks

valencia, ca- usa / 03-23-2009 04:50 PM

IMHO I would go with the dedicated 2.4ghz model. That is, unless you have ALOT of other aircraft that are on 72mhz.

Even then, the spektrum/JR DSM2 Rxs are relativley inexpensive. The problem with going with a module and switching between 72mhz and 2.4ghz is you will eventually start wearing out the pin which could cause erratic connections.

Adelaide - AUSTRALIA / 03-26-2009 01:16 AM

Advantages of the Modularised version:
- Antenna is a lot more robust on the module variant, it also folds up a lot neater and fits much better in the carry case.
- Possibly a little more future proof as you could just swap the module over if say for example ‘DSM 3′ came along.
- Ability to run 72MHz if ever required.
- No performance disadvantages in running the module (eg latency etc)

- Not any really - maybe the looks? but that is subjective anyway.

The antenna on the dedicated unit is its ‘Achilles Heel’ as it is prone to breaking/cracking at the base fairly easily. Whereas the module variant has a much more decent/robust antenna setup.
At the end of the day - the module variant provides the user with more flexibility (whether they utilise it or not).

I wouldn’t worry about wearing out the pins on the module - JR seemed to have used decent quality connectors on the module and main PCBs.

03-26-2009 06:31 AM

Hi Costas and Baddraptor,

Many thanks for the valuable information, I’ve got caught with Costas suggestion and might get the modularized version. I was informed by that the Japanese Version of DXS12 can be used only with Japanese receivers like RD1231 but not with RD1221. Do you think the modularized version can be used with other receivers?

Alberta, Canada / 03-28-2009 03:39 AM

Hey Folks,
Whats the difference between DSX12 model and DSM12?  Thanks

Alberta, Canada / 03-28-2009 05:31 AM

It’s final ordered DSX-12 from Japan. I hope I did the right decision.  Thanks Folks!

UK / 03-28-2009 11:19 AM

If you have ordered the Japanese version, then you will get DSMJ which is NOT compatible with any JR receiver bought locally.

The J variant is the Japanese Frequency Hopping (FHSS) whereas the systems sold outside of Japan is DSSS.

Sweden / 03-30-2009 08:24 PM

Also the Japanese version is not compatible with the Spektrum DSM2 receivers

United Arab Emirates / 03-31-2009 02:54 AM

Incompatible. so they’re telling that you’ve got a tx that’s incompatible with most rx available outside japan. looks like you gotta order everything from japan. that’s ridiculous, if it’s true!

Somewhere in England / 03-31-2009 08:18 AM

Well, the Japanese are not allowed to use DSSS above 10mW, so to get the 100mW, they had to go FHSS ie DSMJ (the clue is in the J!!) therefore will not work with DSM2 receivers.

UK / 03-31-2009 07:19 PM

Why is it ridiculous ?? Japan has their own legal requirements which are different to those in the USA / UK / Europe / Australia etc etc.

Alberta, Canada / 04-01-2009 04:16 AM

Thanks for the heads up, although I’m already aware of the consequences. Just to let you know guys I intend to purchase all of RC needs in Japan due to economical and workmanship point of view.

Alberta, Canada

Got the DSM2 instead, kinda frustrated with DSMJ after 3 weeks of waiting and expecting that my mode 2 12X is already rolling in JR japan, I was disaapointed after I received an email from them asking to confirm my order so that they could start manufacturing.

England / 04-12-2009 02:04 AM

Goes to show that these are made to order and are not stockpiled by JR!!

Alberta, Canada / 04-12-2009 05:05 AM

No, I was supposedly getting the radio from JR japan thru rchamp same with my pcm9XII which was customized to mode2.

Tiny Little Red Dot aka Singapore

JR FEEL THE DIFFERENCE..!! I got both the 12x and 12z..

IMHO 12z programming is a nightmare to me as I am JR9303 user before.

Thanks to another DSX12 breakthrough, all 12 channels respond to commands with identical speed and perfect synchronization for unprecedented control precision. Then, to top it off, the instantaneous response of the DSX12 is complemented by the accuracy of JR’s refined 2048 resolution.