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Well, CURTIS YOUNGBLOOD’S TOTAL G Flight Control System delivers you all these benefits. - READ ON!

The Total G is a servo power bus, which only needs a JR Satellite Attachment to function as a full receiver, thus saving you money.   All servo inputs on the heli connect to the Total G.  The Total G then has three RX ports to connect JR/Spektrum satellite receivers.  CY’s TOTAL G is designed for larger helis.  As you can imagine, this type of unit will decrease the complexity of the wiring on your heli dramatically.  Less electronics and wiring on board also means less weight.  I think we are starting to see a trend that will continue in the future of electronics that combine more if not all the functions on the heli to a single unit.

This is the Total G multi-function flight control system from Curtis Youngblood. The Total G is a 3 axis ultra stable flight control system which enables you to remove the flybar, reducing weight and drag, while increasing flight performance. Your helicopter will be more stable, fly faster and auto rotate better that a conventional flybar model.

The total G also includes a tail gyro. Built from Curtis Youngblood Enterprises extensive gyro experience with the competition winning Solid G and Mini G gyros, the fully programmable tail gyro system is both easy to use and has market leading performance.

The Total G is the first flight control system with an integrated throttle governor. Building on their previous extensive governor experience with the ATG ( active throttle governor ). The integrated Throttle Governor can be used on both Nitro and Electric machines. This is especially handy on electric machines where the ESC often does not keep up with the fast changing motors.

The Total G servo bus handles from 4 to 10 volts and supports all standard and high voltage digital servos.
One of the great features of the Total G is its receiver compatibility. The Total G has the ability to work with both Satellite and External Receivers so no matter what your system of choice is the Total G will be a great fit. While many other systems can get bogged down with required processing, Total G’s 4 core processing means the system will quickly breeze through these functions to give you instant and precise response.


The good thing with this Total G is that you’ll save of buying your heli a Receiver, Gyro and Governor because those 3 comes with the Total G!!!


  • 4 core processor technology - ultra fast processing and response
  • Built in pirouette optimization- “True Piro Technology”
  • High Voltage power bus supports up to 10V
  • Works with external Receivers or Satellites
  • Computer Interface programming (mini USB adaptor included)
  • Updates through computer interface
  • Button G-view compatible for easy at the field programming
  • Easy programming logic-similar to standard gyro
  • Control rates/stick response adjustable easily using Transmitter Travel adjust/Expos
  • Works with external receiver in  a conventional way, up to 7 channels
  • External Receiver Integrated Wiring Diagram
  • Selectable tail servo type supporting all tail servos
  • Swash plate circular algorithm to prevent binding
  • Works with 120, 140 and mechanical mixing systems
  • Works on Nitro and Electric from 450 up to 700s
  • Compatible with standard and multi-blade heads
  • Pre-programmed Model Setup Updates Available


  • Weight  - ~ 20g
  • Width - 34mm
  • Length - 45mm
  • Depth - 15mm
  • Input voltage up to 10VDC