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JR Vibe 50 3D

Get To Know "JR Vibe 50 3D"

JR Heli Division innovation with design input from Curtis Youngblood and Scott Gray provides pro level 3D performance at a very competitive price.


JR’s Vibe .50 was designed to provide outrageous 3D flight, but in a smaller, more affordable package.

“The Vibe 50 flies light and responsive” says John Adams. “With the stock paddles, the flip rate is crazy – so fast, that for the first time, I might dial it down a bit. And yet the hover is rock solid.”

Everything about the Vibe .50 screams performance. The sleek narrow-profile reduces drag for smoother, faster backward flight. A dual-stacked frame, similar to the 90 model, creates an exceptionally rigid structure vital for mind-bending maneuvers. Fact is, many of the drive train parts are directly from the Vibe 90, resulting in an incredibly strong 50 model. The 120/140 CCPM, so vital to precise handling, has been faithfully reproduced to assure flying qualities that will be a superb combination of precision and pizzazz. And the engine gear ration is optimized to allow the YS/OS engines to develop great horsepower.

While the new Vibe may be the most potent JR 50 heli ever, JR’s legendary quality and ease-of-operation make your Vibe a joy to build and service. Modular construction and careful engineering make the Vibe perfect for active 3D fliers. The engine drops out in a couple of minutes. Ditto for tank and tail rotor systems. As Horizon’s John Adams puts it “the Vibe 50’s awesome to work on”.

The new Vibe 50
Flips like a T-REX, tracks like a Vibe.

Vibe 50 Key Features

  • Dual stage main gear
  • CNC machined aluminum head block
  • Push-pull control on all cyclic servos
  • Forward mount engine
  • 120 or 140 CCPM control system
  • Pre-painted fiberglass canopy
  • Accepts 600-620mm blades
  • High tilt flybar
  • Governor mount and pre-drilled clutch for governor magnets
  • Break away body mounts
  • High efficiency two piece fan housing
  • Hi-cyclic head for extreme cyclic response
  • Driven tail with free-floating aluminum shaft
  • Robust clutch, drive train from Vibe 90
  • Easily removed, vibration-isolated tank
  • Weight adjustable flybar paddle design
  • Dual yoke T/R actuator
  • FRP canopy with decals

Vibe 50 Specifications

  • Type:50 size glow powered 3D Pro Heli
  • Control System:120 or 140 CCPM
  • Rotor Blade Length:600-620mm


Superb engineering make the Vibe 50 a joy to work on. Features like a split fan housing allows the engine to be easily removed in a matter of minutes.

The driven tail uses a new dual yoke pitch slider. T/R grips have twin radial, single thrust bearings for reliability even at high rpm.


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