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JR Vibe 90 SG

Get To Know "JR Vibe 90 SG"

VIBE 90SG is designed to be the most advanced 3D helicopter ever. Designed by Scott Gray and developed by JR Heli Division, the mechanics have been optimized for maximum strength, rigidity, and power transfer. Vibe 90™SG combines the ultimate in design, function and precision with JR’s legendary quality. JR Vibe is known world wide as one of the finest quality, top performing r/c helicopters available.

The Vibe is now taken to the next level - V90SG that combines years of experience from Scott Gray and Team JR’s top pilots’ requirements into one all-new machine. Features that are important to the competitive pilot and to the weekend flyer alike are strong features in the SG. A closer look at the design, quality, and features of this machine make it clear why the Vibe 90™SG is exclusive in many ways:

Freestyle True to all JR machines, there is something different about how the helicopter responds to the very thought of the pilot. Vibe 90™SG outperforms others by offering flight characteristics that usually just don’t exist together. Extreme cyclic agility and collective power meet with precision feel, straight line high speed tracking and predictability.

Precision Vibe 90™SG

is equally capable of FAI- F3C precision flight. The chassis strength and rigidity keeps noise and vibration down during hover, while boosting power output for high speed aerobatics. The highly tunable rotor head can be set to the perfect mix ratios for world class competition flight. The included multi-stage dampening system can be tuned to match blade and paddle selection for best all-round setup.    The JR Super Gracy F3C fuselage and many other popular high-speed bodies will easily fit the narrow and compact frames of the SG.

Tail Rotor Features * CNC machined high performance nylon gearing * Toughest gear train system on market * Extreme piro and gyro setting capable drive train * Self aligning gear mesh * 6mm steel output shaft * New rigid tail grip system with thrust bearings * Zero free play tail pitch system * Easy to build and maintain * Removable, self-aligning tail rotor box system.

Rotor Head Features:

  • New high cyclic all metal CNC head
  • Oversized 10mm steel spindle shaft
  • Geometrically corrected mixers and pitch arms
  • Exclusive zero differential blade mixing
  • Multi-stage rigid dampening system
  • Preset mix-free swash timing
  • 18+ Programmable mix ratios for 3D to F3C styles
  • 28 degrees no-bind pitch rang

Radio Installation Features

  • Break away radio beds eliminate costly crashes
  • Integrated JR DSM/Spektrum antenna mounts
  • Included JR velcro straps
  • Isolated receiver upper tray for simple wire routing
  • Multi-position battery tray for CG perfecting
  • Ample wire management areas
  • Isolated gyro mount
  • Special servo back plates for easy servo installation

Chassis Features

  • Exclusive self aligning engine and gearing system
  • 140 & 120 degree CCPM included options
  • Geometry corrected CCPM systems
  • Vibration eliminating ultra rigid engine mount design
  • Interlocking internal I-beam stiffeners
  • Anti-flex external transmission stiffeners
  • Accepts future oversized power plants (.91/15cc+)
  • 60 second fuel tank removal
  • Vibration isolated 600cc clear fuel tank

Transmission Features

  • Unique automatic aligning gear mesh design
  • Power boosting boxed drive train
  • 12mm hollow polished main shaft
  • CNC cut high performance nylon main gear
  • Robust sprag one-way autorotation unit
  • Hardened autorotation sleeve
  • Proven JR Slyphide 90 high surface area clutch
  • Dual BB clutch pinion support and interlocking design
  • Accepts over 6 optional gear ratios

Tail Drive Features

  • Self aligning gear mesh tail drive
  • CNC cut oversize pitch bevel drive gears
  • Hardened aluminum torque tube drive
  • Rubber suspended dual bearing tube drive
  • Self aligning, lightweight drive coupling design
  • Hardened aluminum tail drive pinion gear
  • Constant drive tail gear

Engine - Frame Integration

Two piece engine mount design allows perfect engine mount alignment without adjustments.

Engine structural base and interlocking I-beam ladder construction increases power transfer and lowers noise and vibration.

Modular engine system can be installed or removed while muffler, carburetor, and pumps/accessories stay on engine.


Overall Length:                                    54.25in (1378mm)

Height:                                                     17.5in (444.5mm)

Main Rotor Diameter:                       61.0in (1549.4mm)

Tail Rotor Diameter:                         10.5in (266.7mm)

Gear Ratio:                                             8:1:4.64 (Engine:1:Tail)

Weight (dry w/blades):                    10.2lb - 10.75lb (4.65-4.88kg)

Control System:                                   120 or 140 degree CCPM

Fuel Capacity:                                       600cc

Engine:                                                    91cu-in (15cc)

Dampening:                                           Single axis multi-rigidity

Tail Drive system:                             Torque tube constant drive

Canopy:                                                   Pre-painted w/SG colorscheme

JR uses only the highest quality radial and thrust bearings throughout. Carbon and aluminum parts are CNC manchined to the finest fit and finish available.

Modular construction and careful engineering make the Vibe perfect for active 3D fliers.

Key Features: * Fully tunable hi-cyclic head for extreme cyclic response * 120/140 CCPM system * Driven tail with bearing-supported aluminum shaft * Robust Sprag autorotation clutch * Push-pull cyclic linkage * High efficiency two-piece fan shroud * Flybar cage standard * Easily removed, vibration-isolated tank * Dual radial, single thrust tail blade grips * Dual yoke T/R actuator * Includes high-quality FRP fiberglass prepainted canopy * All-new rotor head system with ultra-rigid dampening * Highly configurable rotor head settings * I-beam high rigidity frame assembly * Oversized Main and Tail drive transmissions * Self-aligning, easy-to-maintain engine mount system Specifications: * Type: 90-size nitro 3D helicopter * Main Rotor Diameter: 63 in (1600mm) * Tail Rotor Diameter: 11.34 in (288mm) * Gross Weight: 10.25-10.75 lb (4.65-4.88 kg) * Length: 53.5 in (1359mm) * Main Gear Ratio: 8:1 * Tail Ratio: 4.65:1 * Engine Size: 90-size class helicopter engine * Kit/ARF/RTF: Kit * Control System: 120 or 140 CCPM * Rotor Blade