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Hiroki Ito

Get To Know "HIROKI ITO"

World class RC Heli flyer HIROKI ITO won the most coveted 2009 F3C World Championship trophy in AMA, Muncie, Indiana on August 5 - 11, 2009.  The event is hosted by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, in association with its Special Interest Group for Radio Control Helicopters - IRCHA (International Radio Control Helicopter Association).

The event was attended by RC Heli flyers all over the world including other JR pilots like Scott Gray (JR - Canada) and Curtis Youngblood (JR - USA) who took the Second and Fourth Places respectively.

In August 2005, participating for the first time at the F3C World Championship held in Spain, Hiroki Ito, only 15 years old, won the title of the F3C World Champion, and he also won the title of F3C Japan National Champion held in October the same year. The remarkable feat of this talented young aeromodeller makes him a richly deserving recipient of the Andrei Tupolev Aeromodelling Medal.


The World Helicopter Championship for RC Helicopters was held August 4–14, 2005 in Zamora, Spain. Team JR had six members in the top eleven. This included four out of the top five finishers, with the crown jewel—the World Championship—now held by Team JR/Japan’s Hiroki Ito. It was truly a world-class effort as Team JR pilots from Japan, Canada, and of course the USA all represented themselves extremely well.

Heli World Results:
New World Champion - Hiroki Ito (JR Japan)
2nd Place - Scott Gray (Canada/JR)
3rd Place - Minoru Kobayashi (JR Japan)
5th Place - Curtis Youngblood (USA/JR)


In this event, the world renowned heli flyer once again proved his worth by garnering the FIRST PLACE in the 12th FAI World Radio Controlled F3C Aeromodelling Championship that was held on 27 July – 5 August, 2007 at Wloclawek, Poland.

List of winners for 2007 F3C WC
1    Hiroki Ito        Japan
2    Scott Gray        Canada
3    Curtis Youngblood    USA
4    Manabu Hashimoto    Japan
5    Kazuyuki Sensui    Japan

F3C Japan Cup 2009
Japanese Nationals is held on September 24-27, 2009 that culminated on September 28, 2009. In this event, Hiroki Ito landed first place.  He is just amazing!!!

Below is the list of winners for the said competition:
1st   -    Hiroki Ito
2nd  -    Manabu Hashimoto
3rd   -    Minoru Kobayashi
4th   -    Kazuyuki Sensui
5th   -    Yasuichi Sawamura

F3C Japan Cup 2008
1st   -    Hiroki Ito
2nd  -    Yukihiro Dobashi
3rd   -    Manabu Hashimoto
4th   -    Kazuyuki Sensui
5th   -    Yasuichi Sawamura

JR Airskipper 90 [REVIEW]
by : Nando V. Arnhem / Location: Netherlands

I think you will all know the Airskipper 50. The Airskipper 90 is a pretty new model from JR which has a better price than the Vibe or Sylphide for example. The Airskipper is designed by the WC Hiroki Ito (and I’ve heard Curtis also).

The Airskippers have all a belt driven tail, so there are less vibrations and less sound. The crashcosts are also much lower and it is much easier to build.
The swashplate has two options, 120 eCCPM or 90 MPM (like a Raprtor). The rotorhead is about the same as the head of the Venture 90, THE 3D model of JR Japan. So it should fly very good!

I found some videos of the AS90: (an F3C testflight)…airskipper_90/ (this is a cool 3D flight)

The price is very reasonable. In Europe it is 800 euros and in Japan about 450 euros (600 dollars).

I got the Airskipper a few weeks ago, so I thought it might be interesting for you to write a review. I’m sorry for the bad quality of pictures.


Some of the bags with parts.

Very nice light canopy. It weights almost 100 grams less than the canopy of the Vibe!

All the aluminium parts have a amazing quality, there is absolutely no slop!
I have to mention, watch carefully how the bearingblock has to be mounted.

This is the upperpart of the frame. The aluminium sticks are mounted IN the holes, so the frame becomes stiffer. The frame is made out of “G10″, a sort of carbon. It is light and very stiff. It is a bit less stiff than carbon, so there are no vibrations in the frame.

Both frames- The tank is very good and hard. The ‘tanknippels’ of the Raptor are always a weak point. The Airskipper has a bit different mounted tank. The “nipples” are in the tank, so it won’t leak.

The coolfan is quite big. The coolfan-case is just one piece

The rotorhead- The bladegrips are the same as the Vibe. The dampers are four O-rings mounted in the aluminium block. You can’t see the block completely. The block is going through the plastic hub, so it is a really stiff rotorhead.

Some parts from the tailrotor, it is working the same as the Raptor 50. Very simple

The tailrotor is absolutely slop-free. You can move the tailwashout very smoothly.

It is not really mentioned in the manual, but you have to move the “washoutstopper” (with the pins) till the washoutarms are 90 degrees with the flybar.

You can just see the belt in this picture. You can place the gyro-plate in the front of the heli or on the tailboom. I don’t know how the balance is yet, so maybe I put the gyro in the front.

I have chosen for the 120 eCCPM option.

And from this side….
You can see how the landinggear is mounted on rubbers. It looks like it is going to fly witout any vibrations

Isn’t it a nice heli?

I changed the stock paddles to K&S FAI paddles. The plastic fins are stock.

I will use the DS8321 servo because I’m going to fly F3C with this heli.
Maybe I’m going to use it for 3D next year, I’m not sure yet.

The 8900G mounted on the non-muffler side. Because the servo is mounted in the frame, I don’t think much oil will reach it.

I’m waiting for the G770T gyro and the ATG. Once I arrived them, I can install the engine.

I hope you like the heli,


Below are some of the videos taken for Hiroki Ito.  Find out why he is one of the best Heli Flyers in the world:

2006 3D MASTER FLYING Hiroki Ito

2009 IRCHA Hiroki Ito Sat Demo

Hiroki Ito demo 0001

1st RC Helicopter 3D Taiwan Cup - Hiroki Ito

The well known heli flyer made his mark to the industry by proving that he is one of the best in the aeromodelling world.  Since the start of his career and with the back up of JR PROPO, Hiroki Ito proved that he is well deserved of the championship.

Keep up the good work….!!!