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Quick Of Japan


Company and Philosophy

Does “Quick of Japan” as a brand for helicopters sound new to your ears? Then here’s a little background history of this company.

Iyobe Co. Ltd. is a humble little company that has a great and rich historic background based in Japan. Founded by Mr. Tetsuya Iyobe, a man with a passion for flying helis and glider, he is considered one of the great flyers in Japan. As a matter of fact, he ranked 6th best in International heli competition in the late 80’s and early 90’s and competed against Curtis Youngblood during international competition meets. For some of you who just got into the Heli flying hobby, Curtis Youngblood is essentially the father of 3D heli flying and is the owner and designer of the very popular and very versatile brand called Rave Helicopters. Just imagine, Mr. Iyobe placing 6th in the standing against the world’s greats.

Mr. Iyobe’s past in relation to Helicopter design has been colorful to say the least. He was one of the pioneer designers of Helicopters as early as late 70’s and worked for a well known classic company called Kalt Helicopters. He also consulted for another company called TSK Helicopters as well. These two particular companies are essentially the pioneer in Helicopter design and manufacture in Japan and are responsible for the advent of this particular hobby as well as the rise of many of the other heli hobby companies such as Kyosho, Hirobo and of course JR. Back in the late 80’s the TSK Helicopters was in financial trouble, Mr. Iyobe seized the opportunity and acquired TSK Helicopters and the subsidiary company called “Quick of Japan” was born.

For over 20 years, Quick of Japan has been designing and manufacturing electric helis, even before electric helis became popular. Taking a closer look at the Quick of Japan, most people outside of Japan may not know this company very well, but ironically, many people have already used Quick’s manufactured products.

Essentially Iyobe Co. Ltd. the mother company of Quick of Japan is really a CNC Manufacturing factory. It means Quick of Japan’s products are made from high precision CNC machines, refined craftsmanship for high precision and performance.

Few people outside of Japan recognizes the brand “Quick of Japan” but believe it or not, almost anyone who has ever owned a Japanese made helicopter has used Quick of Japan’s manufactured parts. The main reason for this is because a lot of famous Japanese model companies such as HIROBO, KYOSHO, TAYA, K&S and JR etc. subcontracts their heli parts such as rotor head, spindle shaft, main mast and tail output shafts etc. from Quick of Japan. Knowing these simple facts, you can get a good idea that this small company has a large knowledge base and is a major player in the manufacture of specialized heli precision parts and upgrades. Furthermore, Iyobe Co. Ltd. manufactures different precision parts for well known Japanese companies the likes of HONDA, NISSAN, KAWASAKI and many others.

Quick of Japan may be a small company in terms of heli manufacturing, but they are strong CNC contender and a giant when it comes to precision manufacturing of parts for many well known established Japanese companies as well as the Japanese Military. Their precision made products are dependable and in terms of its high quality and durability. Their heli division may be small, but their parts manufacturing is gigantic.