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EP5 Helicopter


Looking for something different, a new heli to fly perhaps? Want to have a unique kind of heli experience, something that is easy to fly and easy to control? Here’s the good news for all the RC enthusiasts, EP5 is the answer to all those questions. This new heli is the only 450 sized heli MADE IN JAPAN called “EP5” by Quick of Japan.

This heli is especially made for a gentler, more relaxed and quiet but precise flying. The heli flies under a slower rotor RPM with a gentle floating characteristic which resembles specific characteristics found in slow flying dual winged or high winged beginner airplanes such as “The Basic Trainer” or “Tiger Moth.” Almost all RC pilots who have ever started flying an RC Plane can easily recall their single high winged basic trainer or their dual winged slow flyer. It is through starting with these slow and gentle machines that many RC pilots tasted their first successful take-offs and landings that led to many great pilots flying high. Without high winged slow flying machines, formative skill building in flying RC planes would have taken much longer and more patience to master. The EP5 is the answer to a gentler and more controllable HELI flight fit for beginners and intermediates.

The interesting part about the EP-5 is based on a “NO FRILLS” packaging. No, it does not come with a beautiful box with sharp looking pictures of the product or fully endorsed by some great pilot. This humble little heli comes in a plastic bag! Yes, don’t be surprised, it comes in a simple clear plastic bag free of any advertisements etc. All we can say is PLEASE DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER!

EP5 Kit

Made from Iyobe Co. Ltd’s super CNC machines, Quick of Japan’s EP-5 is equipped with the best precision parts with excellent quality to achieved precision and performance not available in many other RC helicopters. The machine looks great but still priced affordably. The kit ships with 325mm fiberglass main rotor blades, 3750KV Motor as well as a 12 OR 13 tooth pinion.



Center Hub

Main Blade Grip

Main Blade Grip Spacer

Pitch Arm

Mixing Arm

Spindle Shaft

Dumper O Ring


Seesaw Collar

Flybar Cage Control

Arm Flybar

Flybar Collar

Flybar Paddle

Wash Out Pin

Wash Out Arm Assembly

Swash Plate Assembly

Main Mast

Radius Stay

Radius Stay Mount

Main Frame

Canopy Stand Off

Bearing Block

Motor Mount

Counter Gear and Pulley Assembly

Counter Gear and Pulley Bearing Block

One Way Bearing Housing

One Way Bearing Sleeve

Main Gear

Front Skid Mount

Rear Skid Mount

Cross Member 20mm

Skid Strut

L/R Skid

Tail Boom Holded

Tail Boom

Tail Belt

Tail Gear Plate Case

Tail Gear Plate

Tail Gear Plate Spacer

Tail Pulley

Tail Output Shaft

Tail PC Link Assembly

Tail PC Link Lever

Tail PC Link Mount

Tail Center Hub

Tail Blade Grip

Tail Blade Grip Spacer

Vertical Tail Fin Spacer

Horizontal Fin Holder

Horizontal & Vertical Fins



In order to complete the installation, a pilot needs to add the following:

-1 pc. 30 amps or 40 amps ESC
-3 micro servos (6-9 Grams) for cyclic
-1 micro servo (6-9 Grams) for tail servo–
-1 Gyro
-1 Receiver (6 or 7 Channel)
-1 pc. 3S Lipo Battery

It’s a great looking and affordable heli with excellent quality and equipped with precision parts along with a good looking canopy. Practicality wise, hobbyist would really love having this EP-5 as a partner in flying, especially the longer duration flight times.