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Snap & Fly

Get To Know "SNAP & FLY"

The Snap&Fly system is three micro, ready-to-fly airplanes in one. The Snap&Fly RC airplanes have been designed and developed using its patent pending “Modularized Airplane” technology. The system utilizes a single, removable base module which can effectively power three different models of planes. This base module contains the actuators, receiver, motor, propeller, and lipo battery, and can be effortlessly removed from one plane and “snapped” into another using its innovative magnetic setup

At the core of the technology are the concept and method of sharing all of the flight components, including propulsion, radio electronics, servos/actuators and power, among multiple airplanes. An airplane designed using this concept is an integration of (at least) two modules, one module houses all the flight components called the “Base Module”, while the other module carries the main style and the aerodynamic characteristics of the airplane, called the “Shell” or “Plane Module”.

The key for achieving this is the means to connect the modules into a structural framework with linkage-wise control functional airplane in a practical and effective manner. This means a series of plane modules of various styles and aerodynamic characteristics can be designed around a common base module containing all the flight components can be interchangably connectable with the common base module to form various airplanes.

Content:                                                                                (Content in packaging tray)
a: 1 base module part# SF191A
b: 1 canard plane module price
c: 1 biplane module
d: 1 v-tail plane module
e: 1 transmitter
f: 3 Lipo batteries
g: 1 spare propeller
h: 1 spare motor
i: 1 spare motor mount

canard elevon 13.5/34 10/26 18
biplane rudder/elevator 13/33 12/30 18.5
v-tail v-tail 14/35 11/28 17.5

The Patent Pending Snap & Fly design brings a whole new level of enjoyment to R/C flying. No more do you have to invest in several expensive planes, radio’s and spare parts. The Snap & Fly system has all you need in the box including its spare parts.

Easy to Learn to Fly, Indoors or Out, for R/C Fun Almost Anywhere!!!!

Get off the couch, turn off the video games and go have some fun and feature rich R/C planes. The Snap & Fly system comes with three (3) different plane shells each with its own unique characteristics. There’s a V-tail, a Bi-plane and a Canard, all ready to Snap together and fly within minutes of opening the box, all you have to do is charge the batteries and away you go.

The unique design is also very crash resistant and although small, they can withstand more punishment than any other plane this size and thet perform better, too. The complete kit includes transmitter, 3 bodies, extra batteries, and even and extra motor.

Another huge benefit of the Snap & Fly system is the magnetic system for joining the plane bodies to the fuselage and even the batteries to the plane or transmitter for charging. Not only is it quick and convenient but it also serves to protect your Snap & Fly in the event of a crash. Most planes have a solid fuselage so upon impact the entire system absorbs the shock and may end up breaking. If the Snap & Fly crashes the fuselage and plane body separate upon impact and float down to earth and since both pieces are very light, damage doesn’t happen or is negligible compared to a full fuse counterpart making them very damage resistant.

These little planes fly great indoors or out and are small enough to be transported easily in any car for spur of the moment flights, great for the park, cul-de-sac or even your favorite flying field. Fun for the seasoned R/C enthusiast or those just starting out.

Should you damage your Snap & Fly, no need to worry there are replacement parts readily available and our customers can also enjoy flying tips, maintenance and repair tips and much more.

Model - Snap & Fly Modularized RC Airplanes
Manufacturer - ItCanFly
Distributor - RC Victory World
Type - mini/indoor aircraft
Smallest Flying Area - basketball court
Ideal for - intermediate pilots
Wingspan - 13 - 14 in.
Ready-to-fly weight - 5/8 oz.
Flight duration - 5-6 minutes
Price - Php

all inclusive package with three models
fly anywhere, anytime
great value compared to similar offerings

Below is an article from the Backyard Flyer, September 2009 issue regarding the Snap&Fly Modularized RC Airplanes as reviewed by Mike Grant.

John Reid, Writer of the Model Airplane News Magazine, have also been able to get an interview with the designer, Jie Zhao, regarding the Modularized Aircraft. The interview made will be included in the October, 2009 of the said magazine.

Watch the videos and see for yourself why the Snap & Fly rock!!!

1) My Snap&Fly 3-in-1 Complete R/C Electric Airplane Kit

2) It can Fly Snap Kit V-tail! Ready to Fly RC Airplane

3) Snap and Fly Bipe

RC Victory World is the exclusive Philippine distributor of the Snap&Fly modular airplane system.

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