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RCV-0-016 - RC Congress Gathers Another Milestone with CAAP!

Posted On: 2015-03-01 11:34:11 ; Read: 1881 time(s)

Hello Everyone

Great news! 

On February 27, 2015 RC Congress and a host of other UAV practicioners had a forum to tackle the
regulatory and compliance aspects of licensing and registration issues we are all so concerned about.

The meeting was chaired by RC Congress founding members Obi Mapua and Erwin Dematera, both of
whom are UAV Developers and Integrators for the Philippine Military.

Industry representatives that attended was a wide spectrum of industries ranging from hobbyist to
industial, media, film, events, adacemics, research and many others.  The meeting went very well and
its all "Thumbs Up" for everyone who attended! 

The discussion with CAAP was very upbeat and positive for both UAV industry stakeholders and
recreational aeromodelers.  The conclusion to the conference was successful and it achieved several
important outcomes which will bring positive impact to the UAV industry in the Philippines and other
related stuff.


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