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Posted On: 2013-02-07 02:09:21 ; Read: 5137 time(s)

Hello Everyone,

I would like to announce to you all, RC Victory is now officially embarking on a blog for its website.  Prior to this, the website did not have an official blog section thus no real blogs were posted.  The main reason why the site did not have a blog is due to my own ignorance of not knowing the function of a blog in a website.  I feel embarrased to say that I have been ignorant about the "Ways of the Online" therefore I did not really know the purpose and function of a blog.  However, due to my recent research and studies about how to maximize my online presence, I have discovered what many internet Guru's have been teaching.  "A blog is of vital importance to any website."

Now, if you are asking me why do I have a link to an article that was written about  5 years ago, the answer is simple.  I am posting this particular article because this was the very first blog I have ever written and it was essentially a review of one of our product called EP-8 Helicopter.  Funny as it seems, when I wrote it, I did not really know that it was already a blog.  All I know was that it was published on the internet by my friend and off it went.

Five years later, the article is still floating somewhere in cyberspace and after doing some searches, I found that the article was also re-published into other blogs as well.  So I guess the article was good enough that others have taken the content and republished it on other online sites etc.  I guess, I should look at this as a compliment since there were a number of people who liked the article. 

The URL below  is a link to the very "FIRST ARTICLE" I have ever written for RC Victory.  Therefore it is only appropriate to commemorate the official start of my RC Victory Blog with a link to this specific article as a way to kick start this momentus occation of which when I first wrote the article at the time, not really knowing that I was already participating in blogging as well as internet publishing.


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